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“All wines from De Kleine Schorre are very pure and so technically perfect.” Hubrecht Duijker, wine columnist of the Financieel Dagblad

Our assortment of wines is made from classic grapes that originally came from the Alsace.
The pleasant cuvees are perfectly coordinated to suit the taste of “Zeeland’s Salty
Specialties”, such as mussels, oysters, Oosterschelde lobster and flatfish.

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Schouwen-D®uiveland Rivaner+
(selection KLM World Businessclass)

‘A particularly fresh wine with voluptuous fruit tones, such as lychee, peach and pear; a slightly sparkling touch completes this wine.’

Because of its hint of sweetness and its freshness, this wine combines fantastically with Zeeland Salty Specials such as shrimps and crab. This wine also goes well with spicy dishes and salads. Delicious with shrimps.

Schouwen-D®uiveland Auxerrois+
(selection KLM World Businessclass)

‘Vibrant, fresh with modest shades of apple, citrus and fragrant peach and pear.’

Auxerrois is a variant of Pinot Blanc; however, it has low acidity and is somewhat more complex than Pinot Blanc. The grape variety Auxerrois colours the taste of this harmonious cuvée. Perfect with fried sole.

Schouwen-D®uiveland Blanc+
(selection KLM World Businessclass)

‘Juicy, almost tingling fresh, fruity with hints of citrus, apple & pear, a remote touch of spices.’

Pinot Blanc is a fresh and fruity wine, which is mellow and round. It is wine which is suitable for all occasions. Great as an aperitif, but has enough body and structure to suit all sorts of fish and seafood dishes. Par excellence, it is a wine which goes very well with mussels. Most suitable to be drunk young. Delectable with mussels.

Schouwen-D®uiveland Gris+

‘On the one hand quite fresh, on the other a hint of sweetness. On top of that juicy, with a spark of white fruit and possibly a little raisin in the background.’

The wine is made with the Pinot Gris grape variety and is both powerful and refined. Schouwen-D®uiveland Gris+ has a complex nose with smoky overtones whilst its acidity allows it to age beautifully. Luscious with lobster and oysters.

Brut de Zélande – Crémant De Kleine Schorre

‘Lovely fresh aromas and an exceptionally fine sparkle, green apple bouquet with a spicy finish’

There are moments when a good glass of sparkling wine considerably enhances the celebration experience. This is why we have composed this foamy quality wine combining Pinot Blanc, Auxerrois and Rivaner following traditional methods. Especially tasty when served with oysters.

In cooperation with Kampen Destillateurs

Schouwen-D®uiveland Grappae+

This unique spirit is made from only Zeeland grapes. Traditionally distilled in a copper still over a log fire.

Schouwen-D®uiveland Grappae+ Liqueur

This liqueur made of Zeeland grapes is unique. Traditionally distilled, this is a sophisticated mellow aperitif for everyone to savour and appreciate, not just for the fairer sex.

Schouwen-D®uiveland INCOGNITO (Zeeland Brandy)

This wonderful Zeeland grape brandy is created by three-year maturation in French oak barrels. Obviously this cannot be called Cognac as this appellation is inherently connected with the well-known region, Cognac, in France.

In cooperation with Cep d’Or in Luxembourg.
See also: www.cepdor.lu

Zeeuwsch Schorretje Blanc

A cuvée of Pinot Blanc and Auxerrois made in the wine cellars of Cep d’Or and blended personally by winemaker Johan van de Velde.

Zeeuwsch Schorretje Rosé

A cuvée of Rivaner and Pinot Noir made in the wine cellars of Cep d’Or and blended personally by winemaker Johan van de Velde.

From our teacher company Cep d’Or in Luxembourg – Winemaker Jean-Marie Veque
See also: www.cepdor.lu

Pinot Noir de Luxembourg

A magnificent red wine from the best slopes in Luxembourg. Its brief period of wood maturation produces a deliciously complex wine.

Our wines from the Cep d’Or range can be supplied on request.

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